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The best pilates studio in boston, The best instructors, and newest equipment, Back Bay Pilates studios are all certified.


Pilates Back Bay is a fully equipped, boutique studio located in the heart of Boston's Back Bay. We offer private and small group lessons taught by experienced, classically and contemporarily trained instructors. Our clients are given a customized program based on their individual needs and goals.

Beginning in March 2020, we now offer private lessons and group classes online via Zoom. Your trainer can see and correct your form and guide you through a specialized lesson or class, with or without props to assist. Our studio clients have loved the ability to continue training their bodies during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic from the safety and convenience of home. 

Our promise to you:


At Pilates Back Bay, you are given personalized attention and guidance- You will never be thrown into a crowded class and left to fend for yourself. We pride ourselves on listening to your fitness goals and helping you achieve them with a specialized workout plan. With many different types of equipment and more than 500 exercises to choose from in the Classical Pilates repertoire, there is always variety. No two lessons are exactly the same and exercises can be modified and adapted to challenge different bodies. All ages, abilities and fitness levels will benefit from this workout.

Photograph by Dirk Diegel

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